Our journey is a journey of self-belief, hard work, commitment, conviction and hope! There were times when it seemed life has been unjust. Thoughts of hopelessness, a sense of unfairness and bouts of anger enveloped us. Why us? And then we re-looked at ourselves, challenged our thinking, questioned the convention and discovered the brighter side of life. The seeming physical weaknesses were no longer the weak spots. The mindless ridicules of people had stopped making any impact. The sad faces of families were turning into inspirations to rise.
Life has metamorphosed from a twig-clinging pest to a majestically-flying butterfly. Riding on the newly-discovered strengths, we were rejoicing the beauty of life.The crutches that we hated turned into magical wands. The wheelchair that we despised shaped into roller-skating toy. The sign-language that we cringed morphed into lyrical notes. And there we were turning wheels into fire, dancing on beats, entertaining and enthralling audiences, winning hearts conquering minds. Cities after cities, performance after performance and year after year. Records were broken, history was created.

The end of 2016 was eventful. Life had some unpleasant surprises in its store.The unfairness of life once again started echoing. The pilars of values, belief, faith, humanity started crumbling one-by-one. But, in all these, what was not lost was our hope! Our self-belief, our confidence and our resilience. We clasped each other’s arms, held each other’s hands, looked in each other’s eyes and said life has give us an opportunity. Opportunity to re-discover ourselves, opportunity to build our own castle, opportunity to write our own story, opportunity to create magic, create dreams, create fire. Like a phoenix, we rose from the ashes.

And, was borne We Are One Trust and its performance group.

In fact, the journey has just begun. Many more stories are to be written, records to be broken, histories to be created…