We Are One offers a number of wheelchair-based dance Programs at schools, colleges and other educational insitutions. These Programs drive the core mission of We Are One trust of creating awareness around inclusion of diffrently - abled people at school and college levels.

The artists present 45-minutes to one-hour Program of dance and disability-related issues in an entertaining and informative way.There is wheelchair dance performance and interaction after that. Artists share their personal stories of adversity and triumph. They interact with students to create greater awareness around disabilities and influence their views positively towards creating an inclusive society.

For kids at schools, We Are One has created abbreviated versions of children stories told through wheelchair dance and interactions. The performances use vivid imagery and characters to create a kaleidoscopic trip through Indian mythology, chapters from epics, Panchtantra and other children tales. The story itself and the lessons form them are illustrated through intricate wheelchair dance forms.

Contact for more details –
Name: Husnain
Mobile Number: +91-9717141990 , +91-7011149842
Email: Husnain@weareone.org.in , support@weareone.org.in